For Bare Feet

Twenty one years ago, Sharon Rivenbark, a fifth grade school teacher, started a sock manufacturing company with $1200 she borrowed from her parents - enough to buy one antique banner knitting machine and some shop space in Nashville, Indiana.  The business was to be for her son, Tim, who had to drop out of Indiana University at age 18 because of a brain tumor.  Doctors had told Sharon that Tim would, in time, become mentally handicapped.  So, Sharon started the sock business so her son would have a place in the world, a business of his own.  The unique designs and patterns that Sharon knit into the socks were an instant success.  After Tim passed away in January of 1987, there was no question in Sharon's mind that For Bare Feet was going to be successful.  "It was all I had left of my son," she said.  For Bare Feet now produces literally thousands of designs of socks for an incredible array of clients; resorts, national parks, gift stores, sporting goods chains, department stores, college bookstores, catalogs & theme parks.  It is also a league-licensed producer of socks, headbands, and wristbands for the MLB, NFL, NHL, AND WNBA, plus dozens of universities throughout the US and Canada as well as Coca-Cola brand socks.  In fact, the socks, headbands, and wristbands that you see the NBA players wearing on court are from For Bare Feet.  Sharon, her family, and her son's memory remain a constant force in the company's drive to be the best with the highest quality, graphics, delivery, and service. 

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